Daily Slice: Cauliflower and Gruyere Pizza at Grandaisy, NYC

Daily Slice

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[Photo: Carey Jones]

Grandaisy Bakery is a fine destination for thin squares of pizza; we recently enjoyed the Couolfiore ($3.25), cauliflower and Gruyere. While the crust isn't anything exciting, nor does it really detract from the overall effect—laid out on the nicely oily, crisp-edged base are cauliflower bits almost creamy in their tenderness, but browned on the top, soft and nutty-tasting at once. It's improved still further by the sparing sprinkles of Gruyere and the light crunch of breadcrumbs; cheesy, crunchy, and substantial, it's got a lot going on for such a small slice.

Grandaisy Bakery

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