Daily Slice: Joe's Pizza, Philadelphia

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[Photographs: Caroline Russock]

Joe's Pizza rightly calls itself the best kept secret in Center City, Philadelphia. Located on an unremarkable stretch of 16th Street, Joe's has been there for years serving quick, cheap slices to a lunch hour crowd. It's the sort dime-a-dozen pizzeria that you'd walk right past if you've never stopped in for a slice. In recent years Joe's has renovated, cleaning up its formerly dingy interior, redecorating with a truly incredible mural of Rome (complete with Vespas, Fiats, and canoodling Italian couples) that merits a trip in on its own. But mural aside, it's Joe's plain slice ($2.25) that's the draw. It's that great sort of cheesy, greasy slice that satisfies when your general pizza craving hits. Sure, the dough could be cooked a little longer, but sometimes floppy and foldable is a good thing. The sauce is bright red, sweet with the right amount of tomato-y tang, and the cheese is applied with a heavy hand, making for bites marked by long, gooey strings of mozzarella.

Joe's Pizza

122 South 16th Street, Philadelphia PA 19103 (map) 215-569-0898