Daily Slice: Rudy's Pizza and Restaurant, NYC

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It'd be hard to argue that the slices from Rudy's, a quick-eats restaurant in the heart of Little Italy that manages to survive among the hordes of tourist-traps, are great New York slices. That said, they're not bad, and in a neighborhood with a dearth of good slices, they get the job done if a quick fix is what you need.

Now, don't get me wrong—I haven't actually tried all of the tourist-trap restaurants (yet—we'll certainly get to that some day), so I can't say that Rudy's is definitely better than them. But from appearance, convenience, and price point alone, I can't see their $2.50 slices being beat.

The crust is typical New York in style with a crisp underbelly and a decent amount of chew, though it doesn't bubble and char like you'd want it to. The sauce is tasty, though not all that fresh tasting. It has more of the cooked, tomato-pasty flavor you get from a good chain slice. The cheese is salty, greasy, and well-melted.

If you're up for the walk, a far better slice can be had at Rubirosa up Mulberry past Spring, but if you're on Canal Street and don't want to stray far for a slice, Rudy's is a good, safe bet.

Rudy's Pizza and Restaurant

174 Hester Street, New York, NY 10013 (map)