Dmcavanagh Tackles Crushed Tomatoes


[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Slicer dmcavanagh is conducting a summer long crushed tomato taste test. Here's the skinny on this noble undertaking from the man himself:

"I have already started to accumulate about a dozen different brands to test, with more to be gathered as I go. As I eliminate some brands and get down to the better ones, I'll have some friends and family help me decide on the final winners."

With the process just getting underway, there have already been some discoveries and eliminations:

"I just found out that the parent company of my favorite tomatoes, Sclafani, was recently bought out by B&G. Hope they don't screw up the tomatoes! BTW, Cento crushed tomatoes beat out Hunt's and Walmart's Great Value in yesterday's tasting."

Contribute to the cause by telling us in the comments section which brands you are currently using. Are there any that you have been curious about?