Home Slice: OH at My Kitchen Table ... 'What's Burning?'

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Defiling pizza on a regular basis.


You know, when I sat and watched Luis Aguilar of Pizzetteria Brunetti make me an amazing calzone last month, I noted how he cut a couple slits in the top. So why in the hell did I ignore my better judgment and not do the same last night? Heck, I even notched the edges of my calzone with the tines of a fork, just as I saw Mr. Aguilar do.

Garrrrgh! I had one extra dough portion left over from Pizza Night, and I was so looking forward to having a homemade calzone for lunch today. Instead, I got this...


What's going on here, if you can't tell — from bottom to top:

  • Pizza stone
  • Calzone
  • Un-slit calzone top puffed up under heat of oven into ...
  • ... rack above, which holds FibraMent stone for extra heat

I knew I shoulda sliced a notch in the top! Always go with your gut, Kubs, always go with your gut.

Help Me Name My ... Column*

On another note ... I need a clever name for my cooking-pizza-at-home column. See, I'm supposed to be comin' atcha once a month on Fridays.** I'll just be blabbing about what I've been up to in my pizza kitchen lately. Obviously it's not a "Pizza Lab," as that's already taken, and I'm doing sort of goofy, whatever experiments.

Any ideas? Suggestions? I thank you kindly in advance.

* As opposed to help me name my blog ;)

** One Friday a month is Pizza Lab, the next Friday is Scott's Pizza Chronicles, the third Friday is TBD, and the last is mine, all mine ...