Daily Slice: Mack & Manco's, Ocean City, New Jersey

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[Photographs: Caroline Russock]

If you've ever spent a summer in Ocean City, New Jersey, chances are you're well acquainted with Mack & Manco's. It's the quintessential shore slice, eaten while cruising the boardwalk and dodging what might be the nation's most aggressive seagulls. More saucy than cheesy, it's a slice that tastes like summer, served straight from the heat of oven on to the sun-drenched OC Boardwalk.

The sauciness of Mack & Manco's comes from their Trenton roots where they served up tomato pies. Moving to the shore, they took their signature tangy tomato sauce and spun it into the shore slice that they're known for today. Pizzas are tossed thin boardwalk-side by eager summer season hires and topped with just enough stringy, salty mozzarella to complement their sweet, oregano-heavy sauce that's swirled over the pie.

Mack & Manco's

Various locations in Ocean City, NJ