Early Pics of Dom DeMarco Jr.'s Las Vegas Pizza Chain

[Photographs: Albert Scalleat]

Hey Slice'rs—no big news to break here. We told you back in last July that Dom DeMarco Jr., son of the legendary pizzaman at Brooklyn's Di Fara, was planning to open a chain of pizzerias in Las Vegas.

That plan is finally starting to come to fruition and we've got a few pictures of the first location in progress.

Just a quick recap: Dom Jr. has teamed up with the team of Albert Scalleat and Jeff LaPour, a couple of real estate developers who have owned pizzerias since 1968. It wasn't until reading bossman Ed's book Pizza: A Slice of Heaven that they realized they were missing out on some of the greatest pizzerias in the country, including Di Fara. Since then, they've worked with both of the Doms to figure out a way to get the famous Brooklyn pizza out of Brooklyn and into... Las Vegas. Incidentally, they are not involved with Tagliare, the Dom DeMarco Jr.-run LaGuardia airport Di Fara spin-off.

According to Scalleat, the official owner-operator of the Vegas location, he and Dom Jr. have been making pizzas at Di Fara every Monday and Tuesday for the past year under the eye of Dom Sr. to learn the tricks of the trade. Dom will also be on site in Las Vegas for the first couple weeks after opening.


A cherry tomato pie. [Photograph: Adam Kuban]

A few weeks back, Ed seriously questioned the ability of a pizzamaker to own more than one location and still produce great pizza. A few have managed two, but there are certainly no chains worthy of the title of great. Is Dom setting out to beat the odds, or will we just end up with a watered-down version of his Brooklyn pies?

Take a look at the pictures in the slideshow above (sent to us by Scalleat) and give us your opinions. Does the flavor of the pizza go hand in hand with the charm of the location? Will the pies taste the same without Dom Sr. personally making each one?

(Yeah, yeah, we know some of you don't even like pies at the original Di Fara these days, but that's a different conversation for a different time.)