Papa's Tomato Pies Vies with Lombardi's for Title of Oldest Pizzeria in America


[Photograph: via Papa's Tomato Pies on Facebook]

The kinks in America's Pizza Timeline start pretty much at the beginning. Most recently, Papa's Tomato Pies in Trenton, NJ has laid claim to the title of oldest pizzeria in America—long held by Lombardi's in New York. The claim is based on the fact that Lombardi's closed for a decade and therefore can no longer call themselves the oldest. So maybe Papa's should just go for the title of "oldest continuously operated pizzeria in America"?

To get some perspective on the dispute, NPR consulted our own Ed Levine. In the report Ed says it best:

Pizza lore is filled with internecine warfare, and who did what," Levine says. "They've been battling over these questions and these issues and claims ever since I've been writing about pizza, and that's part of the fun of pizza.