Pizza Brain: World's Largest Collection of Pizza Memorabilia in Philadelphia

[Photographs: Hawk Krall]

The brainchild of artist / pizza lover / collector Brian "Brain" Dwyer, Pizza Brain started with a pizza-themed art show in 2010 that developed into a massive collection of pizza-related memorabilia and art that will eventually exist as a permanent museum, restaurant and "hang out spot" slated to open spring of 2012.

Slice first mentioned Pizza Brain earlier this year, and we got a sneak preview of the collection this weekend, just before the Guiness Book Of World Records officIally crowned Pizza Brain as the largest collection of pizza memorabilia in the world.


[Photographs: Pizza Brain and Hawk Krall]

I got the chance to check out this insane collection and chat with Brain about his obsession / concept and was floored by the awesome stuff he has gathered from all over the country, along with a fantastic knowledge of American pizza history. Being on a similar artistic and culinary journey myself, I can't help but be inspired by Brian's manifesto of "pizza as a shared cultural experience" and the epic levels of awesomeness that Pizza Brain has reached, and will reach in the future.

Along with the collection, Brian and the Pizza Brain team have done all sorts of pizza themed artwork and even built a massive pizza float on wheels that won best costume at this year's Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby. They also recently purchased a three story building with a storefront on the first floor and massive backyard (pizza beer garden? performance space?) that will eventually be the permanent home of Pizza Brain. I'll definitely be there to taste the pies when they open next year.. in the meantime check out some highlights from this crazy collection in the slideshow.

Pizza Brain

Opening 2012 in Philadelphia; mypizzabrain on twitter