Poll: What's Your Choice of the Chains?


Pizza vox populi.

Initial Thoughts

[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

I attended my family reunion in southeastern Kentucky last week, and from that visit this poll was born. When the majority ruled for pizza, my weak protest was overruled. After nearly 15 years of living in the Northeast, I have long taken it for granted that there will always be a superior non-chain option available.

Most of us that spend time visiting pizza blogs are fortunate enough to live in areas of the country where independent pizzerias abound. A visit home is always a good reminder that that is not the case in the majority of the country. While those that have been sheltered from the rugged pizza landscape of rural America may have to conjure the unimaginable: If thrown into a chain only situation, requiring you to employ grace and good etiquette in choosing one of the following, which would it be?

What's Your Choice of the Chains?