Professors of Neapolitan Pizza to Open Don Antonio in Hell's Kitchen

Antonio Starita

Antonio Starita [Photograph: Nick Solares]

Kesté Pizza & Vino owner Roberto Caporuscio will team up with Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani instructor and owner of one of Naples' oldest pizzerias, Antonio Starita, to open Don Antonio at 309 West 50th Street. (That makes another serious pieman to get the two pizzeria notch on their peel. Not that this is the first time the Kesté owner has headed up more than one pizzeria at a time.) As Nick noted when Starita made a secret showing at Kesté, Caporuscio doesn't just run a renowned pizzeria, like his mentor, he also certifies pizza-makers in the States through the APN.

As if the partnership alone weren't enough to be excited about, according to the Crain's report, New Yorkers will soon have more than one location doing pizza fritta:

I think the midtown area doesn't have a good Neapolitan pizza, and I'm excited to bring my style of cooking to the area," said Mr. Caporuscio, who expects to open the restaurant in October, and to feature a new creation he's been working on, pizza fritta, which uses fried dough.

Don Antonio

309 West 50th Street, New York NY 10019 (near Eighth Avenue; map)