Photo of the Day: PIZZA License Plate Spotted on Our Maine Road Trip


It's not everyday you road trip up I-95 to Maine and driving right in front of you is a BMW X5 with a "PIZZA" vanity plate. Ahh, where's the camera?! (There was some gentle swerving right about here.) But how could we not snap a photo? That wasn't really an option. Even if we looked a tad creepy while doing it.


Zoomed in.

Part of me is writing this because Kenji once told me a story about a photo he took in Spain that he posted on Facebook. There was a car parked in the background. Lo and behold, someone commented that they too had a photo from Spain with that same exact car parked in the background. But taken at a different place. Nuts, right?

Bimmer driver, if you're out there. Hello. We should talk pizza. Others out there who fortuitously have a photo of this same car, we now share a special solidarity. That is all.