Poll: Which Way Do You Slice It?


Pizza vox populi.


A pie from Stella Rossa in LA cut in a Chicago thin crust way. [Photograph: Lance Roberts]

Pizza preferences can say a lot about a person. Just look at the implications behind the different cuts out there. It's no wonder that the double-wide slice is the dominant on-the-go cut in the city that never sleeps. If you gravitate towards this style of cut, you may be a person that needs convenience, maneuverability, and efficiency built into their slice. Eccentrics and those of an unpredictable nature may prefer the haphazard cutting practices that are prevalent in places like Pepe's in New Haven, where slices range from tiny crust dominant triangles to edgeless wedges of pizza. Perhaps your zeal for classification has manifest itself in your enthusiasm for the gird-style dividing lines of center and edge slices in Chicago thin crust. Or your measured approach to life and the importance you place on dependability are what draw you towards the precise, cookie cutter slices your prefer. And if you order your pies uncut, well, don't think that others haven't noticed your control issues.

Which Way Do You Slice It?