Burgers + Pizza = One Year 'Epic Meal Time' Birthday Cake

[Video: Epic Meal Time]

In celebration of their one year birthday, the fellas at Epic Meal Time have upped the ante in a tribute video to the original Fast Food Pizza video that started it all. 35 White Castle, 3 bacon weaves, 4 Domino's Meat Lovers pies, sauce, lots of cheese, all beer battered and fried. A year recap kicks off the video and the pizza and burger madness starts at around the 4 minute mark. So what did they do with the extra 145 burgers?

Looking for more extreme pizza cakes. Did you catch this one? There's an awesome cross-section shot. Thanks to @pizzaboxes for sharing.

But wait there's more ยป

Bonus Video!!:

The original Fast Food Pizza that started it all.