My Pie Monday: Pumpkin, Welfleet Clams, Tuna and More!

My Pie Monday

Glimpse pizzas made by fellow Slice'rs.

Happy Halloween! On My Pie Monday this week Jimmyg got into the Halloween spirit with a pumpkin topped pie. We have some new contributors represented including mekdigital who has sent in a home wood-fired tuna and red onion pizza, Gregg Dunn made a marinara style with basil and garlic on top, and Josh from Austin has a pepperoni pie in the line up. Amusebouche1 submitted a variation of a Margherita and Slice contributor Andrew Janjigian sent in a Wellfleet clam, bacon, and cream topped pie that ranked as a favorite at a recent pizza birthday party he hosted.

If your making pizza this week send us a shot for next week's My Pie Monday!

Just take one snapshot of your homemade pizza, describe your cooking method (briefly!), and follow these instructions to get it to Slice HQ by 8pm EST on Thursday night. Be sure to let us know your Slice/Serious Eats screen name!

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