Poll: First Time Visit, What's Your Default Mode?


Pizza vox populi.

[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Each time you walk into a pizzeria for the first time you are faced with the all important question of what to order. There are many strategies to managing the big decision of which pie will serve to form the basis of your opinion about a place. Some have their go-to favorite topping combo (I think sausage and onions can tell you a lot about a place), others look to the "specials" portion of the menu. For many, a plain cheese or Margherita is the only way to measure the merits of a pizzeria.

Hyped-up places are an exception; they can totally throw you off your game. It's hard to stick to your guns of just getting the Margherita when the brussels sprouts and slab bacon is all anyone is talking about. Those special cases aside, what is your default mode for a first taste of a new pizza place?