Daily Slice: Angelo's, Cambridge

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Pizza reviews in the Boston area.

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[Photograph: Meredith Smith]

Part of the American dream should include all kids having that after school slice spot. I was deprived of that growing up, which may account for my making up for it now. But the kids that go to Cambridge Rindge and Latin, just off the Harvard campus, have it made. Angelo's is directly across the street from their halls and at quarter to three, the uncanny hour that I arrived, the unassuming corner slice and sub shop is overtaken with teens.

For this side of Harvard Square, Angelo's has cornered the solid and cheap $1.75 hunkin' slice of pie market. The cheese is pretty run-of-the-mill, but gooey, salty, and well-proportioned. Concentrated tomato flavor seems the product of a long cooked sauce with herbs incorporated on the front end of the equation. The crust has a nice and sturdy, but thin bottom, while the outer edges expand into breadier territory. While it isn't in the upper echelon of the slice-verse, Angelo's makes a good ol' thin slice in the Harvard part of Cambridge and I would have been psyched to have had daily access to this pizza in those most critical of pizza-eating years.


444 Broadway Cambridge, MA 02138 (map) 617-661-8049