Daily Slice: Flour Bakery Breakfast Pizza, Boston

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[Photograph: Meredith Smith]

Calling it pizza may be taking some liberties, but the ham, egg, roasted red pepper, and mozzarella topped brioche makes a damn delicious case for its inclusion in the pizza camp. Buttery with a yeasty complexity, the brioche is a great morning time crust substitute, but can it really carry the pizza name? On it's own, no, but when topped as it is at Flour, the flavors come together to create a tasty early morning bakery version.

Broad strips of roasted red peppers stand in for tomato sauce. With a sprinkling of herbs and a hint of acidity, it makes for a pretty convincing double—especially the oven dried bits that peek above the mounting layers. Next comes a nice, chewy slice of "spicy" ham. There isn't any notable heat to the ham, but it does have a trace of smokiness. Sandwiched between the ham and mozzarella is a perfectly salted hard-boiled egg. The hard-boiled part is key because the flavor of a hard cooked yolk when matched with melted, brown-spotted mozzarella resembles a fancier class of cheese in terms of flavor. At an hour when regular pizza is hard to come by, this breakfast pizza definitely does the trick.

Flour Bakery & Cafe

1595 Washington Street, Boston, MA (map) 617-267-4300; flourbakery.com