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[Photographs: Meredith Smith]

Oggi is mostly a pie and sandwich place, but you can always get a slice of pepperoni or tomato and basil, as well as a 'slice of the day'. Topping the Weird Science special was Cajun red onion, zucchini, and beef pepperoni. After seeing the paper thin zucchini slices on yesterday's Daily Slice, I decided to ignore my unadventurous inclinations and take my chances on zucchini. I regret that a little.

This otherwise fine slice did not benefit from the thick watery wedges of the "gourmet" topping. What is the appeal of adding hunks of vegetables that bake into sog-inducing landmines? Had I seen the slices ahead of time, I would have known that this was not the time to choose adventure, but they keep the slices tucked away out of sight. I will say this, however; the crust held up its end of the bargain. It was sturdy and solid, but with a pastry flake and pliancy about it. The bottom of the slice could only be described as delicate, but it was able to support the heft of the toppings.


There were mixed guesses about what qualified the red onions to be Cajun. Despite a hypothesis at the cash register that they were potentially fried, turns out they just got a shake of McCormicks seasoning. Not the hot little slice I was after. The beef pepperoni did the most to boost the flavor of this slice. Gamier than your average pork version, the ultra skinny rounds were like a pepperoni-jerky hybrid. Just a half dozen or so of those nestled in that gooey, milky mozzarella and mild, fresh tomato sauce would make for a slice worth revisiting.

Oggi Gourmet

1350 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02138 (map) 617-492-6444; oggigourmet.com