Daily Slice: Thanksgiving Pizza at Cer Te

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[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Thanksgiving's come early at Cer Te, and Thanksgiving pizza is now available for a limited time only. While Thanksgiving sandwiches are one of my tried and true favorites, until today, I'd yet to taste the unique version that is the Thanksgiving pizza.

Cer Te's festive slice is garnished generously with turkey meatballs, mashed potatoes with giblet gravy, butternut squash, cranberries, and of course, mozzarella. It's no secret that Thanksgiving sides are exponentially tastier together, and this pizza was no exception to the rule. However, in my book, mashed potatoes aren't complete without a liberal drizzling of gravy, and the giblet gravy was somewhat lacking. The slice was dotted with cranberries, which were a nice sweet counterpoint to the mostly savory flavors, but a few more cranberries would have done the trick.

Overall, this pizza didn't exactly do Thanksgiving justice, with a tendency to shortchange some of the flavors a bit. However, it's a satisfying option for eager diners who simply can't wait for Thanksgiving.

Cer Te

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