Grimaldi's Losing Its Coal over Relocation

[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

So much pizza drama! In the comments of today's Di Fara post, Slice'r Pizzarotti went and dropped this bomb from the New York Post.

After the eviction papers were served last year it was clear Grimaldi's tenancy would have limited standing. Despite making arrangements to pay the back rent, owner Frank Ciolli lost the right to renew the pizzeria's lease. With that lease expiring at the end of this month, Grimaldi's will be moving next door, sans the oven that started it all.

Now the kicker is that another unnamed "very popular pizza establishment" will be moving into the space with the behemoth coal-fired oven. (Talk about some bad blood between the landlord and the Grimaldi's crew.) The question is WHO!? Any speculation?