Poll: Pizza Rolls, Way or No Way?


Pizza vox populi.


[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Sure frozen pizza snacks aren't good for you, but does that mean you can't have a soft spot for them? NO. Of course not. With the passing of Jeno Paulucci, the inventor behind pizza rolls, I had to pause and really take stock of my feelings about the frozen pizza snacks. A plate of right-from-the oven pizza rolls will conjure up a lot of memories—good kid memories when food magically appeared poolside or while glued to the tube.

In theory, I think they're genius. I love egg rolls, pizza, and having instant gratification on hand, so of course I love all those things rolled into one. Except that in reality I don't really like the flavor of pizza rolls. Freezer cheese, be it on a pie or in a roll, always seems to taste a little like wet cardboard smells. But I will still, if offered, pop at least one pizza roll in my mouth. The allure of food nostalgia always wins out. Of course, there is always the homemade option. Even in developing that recipe, Donna Currie notes that her husband found the frozen rolls "oddly addicting" and our own Adam Kuban has asked, "How can you not love 'em?"

Are you pro pizza roll?