Daily Slice: Sausage Slice from Celebre's, Philadelphia

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[Photographs: Hawk Krall]

Celebre's has quickly become my new favorite South Philly delivery spot. Caroline wrote about their Pizzaz a while back (supposedly they are the originators) and since then I've been ordering from them on a regular basis. Their sausage comes in awesome thin pork ribbons that crisp up on the edges like pepperoni. The decorative green peppers are also a nice touch.

Celebre's has one of the thinner crusts in the old-school Philadelphia pizzeria world, always with nice color on the bottom and never greasy, soggy, or soupy. The sauce is more spicy than sweet and overall it's just completely different from the homogeneous South Philly style —rumored to stem from the mafia forcing every pizzeria to use the same cheap ingredients back in the day. Their slice is definitely in my South Philly top 5.

Celebre's Pizza

1536 Packer Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19145-5407 (map) (215) 467-3255; celebrespizza.com