Giveaway: Frank Sinatra's New Best of the Best Album and DVD

Patsy's pizza in East Harlem.

20111209-sinatra-best.jpgWe've probably all been into a pizzeria where a framed photo of Frank Sinatra was hanging on the wall (probably multiple). Legend has it that Ol' Blue Eyes loved pizza so much, he had it shipped out to Southern California from the East Coast whenever he had a craving. Read more in the below passage from Ed's book Pizza: A Slice of Heaven:

"Judging by the number of pizzerias displaying photos and really bad watercolor portraits of Frank Sinatra, Ol' Blue Eyes must have been on a bizarre all-pizza diet for the first fifty years of his life. Sinatra was born in Hoboken, New Jersey, so it's easy to imagine that in his youth he developed a taste for good pizza in both neighboring New York City and his home state. Once he moved to southern California (first Los Angeles, then Palm Springs) he, like many before and after him, discovered the there was not a decent slice of pizza to be had in the Southland, as the local newscasters call the Los Angeles basin. So according to pizza lore (and whom you chose to believe), Sinatra was forced to take one of three actions: Send his plane and a couple of lesser members of the Rat Pack to pick up pizza at places like Sally's in New Haven and Patsy's in East Harlem; have pizza shipped from the East Coast whenever he had a craving; or show up unannounced after a concert somewhere on the east coast and eat pizza 'til the wee small hours of the morning. If all of the above were true, and if Sinatra really ate in every pizzeria that has his photo or likeness on a wall, he would have looked like Pavarotti, and he wouldn't have looked so good in his trademark pullover sweater."

So when we heard about the new Frank Sinatra Best of the Best package with a 23-song CD and rare concert footage on DVD, we had to set up a giveaway for Sinatra-listening Slicers.

To enter to win one of the five (5) prizes we have to give away, just tell us your favorite Sinatra song in the comments below.

You have until 1 p.m. ET Monday, December 12 to enter. Five (5) winners will be chosen at random from among the commenters. Contest winners are limited to residents of the continental U.S. You can only win once during the duration of the Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway contest, and only enter once per giveaway post. The standard Serious Eats contest rules apply.