San Francisco's Mobile Pizza Truck Population Doubles

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Flour + Water's Bone Marrow Pizza

[Bone Marrow Pizza from flour + water. Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

Casey's Pizza Truck was San Francisco's first mobile pizza truck, but now flour + water's original pizzaiolo Jon Darsky appears to have his own roaming pizzeria project in the works. And as reported by Tablehopper, that project has turned out to be a

deconstructed transatlantic shipping container that's 20' long and 8' wide into a mobile unit that will house a 5,000-pound, Stefano Ferrara wood-burning oven that's welded to the floor with a steel pedestal. Not only that, but the exhibition kitchen is enclosed by three glass doors, so you'll be able to watch your pizza being made. Yeah, this is gonna be fun."



Stefano Ferrara, constructing Donatella Arpaia's oven at Donatella in New York City. [Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Over the past 18 months, and with the help of McClellan Industries, Darsky has been working on fabricating a state of the art design complete with a drop down service window and industrial sized stabilization airbags to support the oven for safe transport. Here's a mock up appearing on Tablehopper via Del Popolo:


Service is projected to start in February with three pizzas on offer a day. The pies will be 12" and of the Neapolitan thin-crust variety we've come to know and love from Darsky ($10 for vegetarian, $12 for meat).