Obama Orders Pizza from Dom DeMarco's

All Lit Up.

This nation—at least half of it—always seems fascinated with what our presidents eat and where. Nattering nabobs like to pick apart their ordering options. Haters like to say, "Who cares?" We've had the opportunity to highlight President Obama and the First Lady's numerous burger runs, but it's rare he does pizza. On that note, did you see that the prez ordered a dozen pizzas and cannoli from Dom DeMarco's Pizzeria in Las Vegas?

We posted a quick pre-opening tour of Dom Demarco's back in August, but the place has been open since December 1, 2011. That fact seemed to get lost in the holiday madness, but there you go.

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Dom DeMarco's

9785 West Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas NV 89117 (map) 702-570-7000; domdemarcos.com