The Prestigious Collection from Domino's Japan


Let's pretend you really love beef stew, and that you have $50 you're happy to spend on a pizza. Now let's pretend you're in Japan. You can go get a pizza with beef stew for $50 thanks to Domino's! But that's not all they are topping their pies with.

In the limited time collection of "Prestige" pizzas, topping combinations include: the Snow Crab and Shrimp Gratin with a "rich and luxurious" white sauce finished with truffles; Mangalitsa Pork, known as Hungary's "edible national treasure", with asparagus and Bordeaux sauce; and Fresh Mozzarella and Beef Stew with broccoli. (Hmm. One of these seems less prestigious than the others.) But the best part is that they can all be combined in the Quattro Prestige (click through to see)....


And rounding out the decadent trio, is the ever popular Iberico Pork with Tomato, a constant on the Domino's Japan menu. A word of warning from Domino's concerning the Prestige Quattro: Please note that this item may contain pieces of shell or back bone. These may not be as wacky as the Chinese Pizza Hut pies, but they are just as absurd.

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[via Eataku]