Daily Slice: Casa Bianca, Los Angeles

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[Photographs: Kelly Bone]

Casa Bianca got a lot of flack when Jonathan Gold called it his "favorite non-Mozza pizza in L.A." But with an hour wait at prime time, this family run pizzeria has clearly been doing something right since 1955. I went in with low expectations, but came out adamantly declaring this is the best Chicago style thin crust pizza in LA.

My local friend ordered us his regular—a medium with olives and eggplant ($11.25). The pizza arrived studded with firm green olives and slabs of breadcrumb crusted eggplant. It's by the far the best eggplant I've had on a pizza. Golden and slightly sweet, it retained its crunch in the pool of oil. The sauce was bold, full of dried herbs and acidic tomatoes. Some may call it "over seasoned" but you need a fiercely present sauce to hold up to the massive globs of gooey mozzarella.


I can see why people compare the crust to cardboard. Ultra thin and rigid, it showed no signs of buckling under the massive weight of the toppings. The crust was cooked to a cracker crisp, yet maintained a tender buttery texture as it approached narrow charred edge. Considering how long Casa Bianca has endured the ever evolving Los Angeles landscape, it's perplexing that there are no imitators. Though I doubt any newcomer attempting this style in LA could compare.

Casa Bianca Pizza

1650 Colorado Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90041 (map) 323-256-9617; casabiancapizza.com