The $10,010 Pizza Hut Proposal Package


[Image via Pizza Hut]

Oh, Pizza Hut, you finally have the answer to every girl's proposal fantasy! Check out this deal. Not only do you get a RUBY ring, limo, fireworks, flowers, a videographer and photographer to capture the magic, but you also get the NEW Pizza Hut Dinner Box, all for just $10,000. Wait, sorry, that actually doesn't include the Dinner Box. That'll be $10 extra. But if that doesn't say "Baby, let's do this thing!" then I don't know what does.

The fine print is the best part on this thing. Only 10 available—VERY exclusive. Must be purchased by 2/14/12, but you can get a full refund if not used by 3/31/12. Did someone say AmEX points? And only one per customer; polygamist need not apply.