Video: Don Antonio by Starita

Baking the Montanara

[Video: Jessica Leibowitz]

Last week we gave you a quick look at Don Antonio, the Neapolitan pizzeria that's a partnership between Kesté's Roberto Caporuscio and his mentor, Antonio Starita of Naples' Pizzeria Starita.

Here, we take you along as Starita and Caporuscio—along with Caporuscio's daughter, Giorgia—make some of the place's signature menu items.

On tap:

  • Montanara: the now-famous fried-then-baked pizza
  • Angioletti: "little angels," fried strips of dough used to make a salad and a dessert
  • Rosette: an appetizer of roasted vegetables rolled in dough
  • Racchetta: a racket-shaped pizza with all sorts of goodness stuffed in the "handle"
  • Pistacchio e Salsiccia: a delicious pistachio-pesto and sausage pizza
  • Girella: a visually striking pie topped with what Slice's Adam Kuban called a "mozzaroulade"

Video produced by Jessica Leibowitz with narration and interview by Adam Kuban.