Bay Area Pizza Partnership to Land in Brooklyn

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Tony's Pizza Napoletana's Margherita with Sausage

A Tony's Pizza Napoletana pedigree pie may soon be in Brooklyn. [Photograph: L.A. Pizza Maven]

News comes from the San Francisco Chronicle that Brooklyn will be getting a new pizza place featuring Sicilian-style pies, pasta, and a pronounced cocktail program. The San Francisco dream team that is relocating East to realize the project consists of Elizabeth Falkner, who recently closed Citizen Cake and Orson, Bourbon & Branch bartender Darren Crawford, and Tony's Pizza Napoletana partner and operations director, Nancy Puglisi. Tony Gemignani will also be involved as a consultant.

As for the specifics on the place, the Chronicle has this to report:

This new Brooklyn project will be Sicilian-inspired, though pizza styles may vary. It's still early in the process, but they hope to open this summer in Park Slope or the Boerum Hill/Carroll Gardens neighborhood (they're down to two spaces)."

The Falkner and Gemignani connection is attributed to her patronage of his Bay Area restaurant. And in preparation for opening, Falkner is, of course, attending the Tony Gemignani International School of Pizza to get her certification.