Daily Slice: Vincente's Gourmet Pizza, Portland, Oregon

Slice: Portland

Pizza reviews in the Portland area.

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The "Daily Slice" at Vincente's. [Photographs: Jim Bonomo]

The unkempt hipster who waited on me at Vincente's offered a special which he referred to as the "daily slice", making the artichoke, bacon, and cheddar-topped pizza ($4.00) the obvious must-try choice. I noticed lots of young, hungry skate punks, a bucket full of ice-chilled 40's for sale, and indicators of the existence of a 'thai pizza', causing me to question my reliance upon the four Yelp stars that brought me in. When the pizza arrived at my table, the most important and final verdict was soon delivered.


The slice actually looked good... until I touched it. Immediately upon picking it up, I realized it was soft-to-the-touch and grease had totally soaked through its uber-thin body. The 'ABC' had a texture more closely resembling an open-faced quesadilla, which forced me to eat it folded in two. The two-tone cheese was flavorless and only partially melted. The bacon seemed of the sweeter, maple-y variety, which disrupted the harmony of this pizza. Briny artichoke hearts added character, but not enough, and the tomato element lacked seasoning and acidity. Flecks of dried herbs were present but bland. The crust was airy and brittle like an old newspaper, and seemed to contain a sweet spice element (nutmeg? cinnamon?) which further pushed this pizza into the 'do not want' pile. OK, I admit it. I was sucked in to the void of Yelp reviewers and luckily managed to escape; next time I'll just ask friends (or read Slice).

Vincente's Gourmet Pizza

1935 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, Oregon (map) 503-236-5223; vincentesgourmetpizza.com

 About the author:Jim Bonomo was born and raised in Milford, Connecticut. He is currently eating and drinking his way through Portland, Oregon. Once all the pizza and beer is gone, he promises to go back home. You can follow him on Twitter at @goodbyeohio.