March Madness: Free Pizza with Vasectomy!


[Image: Robyn Lee]

Yeah, you read that right. According to the Cape Cod Times, Urology Associates of Cape Cod are offering a free pizza (from Surf's Up Pizza & Seafood in Sandwich) with each vasectomy. This is one time where you can get a whole pie in one slice (ba dum dum)!

The idea is to time your surgery with March Madness, take your ouch to the couch and chow down on some free pizza. Man, what is it with Cape Cod and bizarro pizza promotions?! (Remember this one?) Interestingly, according to a follow-up interview by Bloomberg Businessweek, it's working. Since starting the promotion they've gone from scheduling their usual 5 consultations a week to scheduling 100. And the clinic asserts that these are serious clients.

Check out the video with a clip of the promotional video:

[Video: Capecast]

You gotta love a good meatball topping joke.