Pittsburgh Pizza Crawl


This came across the Twitter wire yesterday from @jelsas: A two man, twelve pizza tour of Pittsburgh! There's a detailed report on Pop City that includes snippets of the Twitter log from the tour and mustache ratings of each pizzeria.

Brad Stephenson and Patrick Jordan visited the following pizzerias in and around Pittsburgh: Vincent's Pizza Park (Slice review), Fiori's Pizzaria, Il Pizzaiolo, A'Pizza Badamo, Don Campiti's Pizzeria, City Oven, Pasquarelli's Pizza House, Pizza Italia, Mineo's (Daily Slice), Aiello's, Dinette and Mio Pizza.

Click through to view the video┬╗

This a pretty good jumping off point for covering the major players in Pittsburgh. What are the favorites out there in Slicelandia? Any they left off?