Pizza Brain's Tumblr Is Blowing My Mind!

Mesmerizing piiiiizza [Via]

Behold! Pizza Brain has a Tumblr up and running. Of course it makes sense the Guinness Book record Holder for the largest collection of pizza memorabilia would have all the makings of the world's greatest pizza tumblr at their fingertips. We stumbled upon it trolling the web for pizza related visual amazingness. Even though today only marks the two week anniversary of the tumblr, there is already an impressive roster of images and gifs ranging from rockers eating pizzas, to campy comics, to personal shots of Brian "Brain" Dwyer, one of the partners and creators behind Pizza Brain—like this one (click through to see his slicetastic haircut...)


Pretty RAD!

Bookmark that sh*t and enjoy the virtual museum until you can make the pilgrimage to Philly. Pizza Brain opens their doors this summer.