Yes, We've Seen the KettlePizza Grilling Gadget—And We Actually Tested It!


The KettlePizza as tested in 2010. The latest model is unpainted stainless steel with a different thermometer. [Photo: Adam Kuban]

Yes, we've seen the KettlePizza. Judging by the number of emails I've gotten about it this week, it's been going around the internets,* where blogs are trumpeting it as a "game changer"—without having even tried it.

At Slice, we actually do the homework. That's why we tested this thing when it first made a splash in the pizza world in summer 2010. Read our full test here, but to summarize:

The KettlePizza insert does indeed add some juice to Weber-grill pizza-cooking—once you get the coal temperature and stone temperature up to snuff. And doing that takes a boatload of fuel and a lot of attention.

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* Thanks to everyone who emailed these links our way. I might sound a little grumpass above, but I'm mostly exasperated at the blogs who report this as a pizza savior without having tested it.