Pizza Hut's Un-American Hot Dog Stuffed-Crust Pizza


[Via Gizmodo]

Pizza Hut has expanded its hot dog stuffed-crust pizza, first popularized in outlets throughout Asia, to the UK. The Pizza Hut UK site offers the snappy, sausage stuffed crust for delivery in the 14-inch "large" size only.

Gizmodo was first to post the news, exclaiming "I can't believe this hot dog stuffed-crust isn't American." Honestly, I feel exactly the opposite. I can't imagine that Americans would tolerate this sort of repurposing of one of our culinary national treasures. Exploring that theory a little further, I asked our resident hot dog expert Hawk Krall if he had ever eaten or spied any pizza-themed hot dogs. His response: "The best pizza-themed hot dogs I've ever seen (but not tasted) are these crazy, crazy (polynesian bacon-wrapped ham/pineapple/marinara/sriracha dog?!?!) things from Tubby Dog in Canada." AH HA, Canada! Exactly.

You find more un-orthodox hot dog treatment in Europe and Asia. Like Spaniards making hot dogs and tomato sauce pasta, blech! (That really happens. I know because I have been served it.)

Personally, I just can't get behind a pizza and hot dog combo. And those that have dared, have regretted it. Plus, mustard on pizza? Boo! When I asked Hawk if he would try it he said:

I would try it, but I'd be more interested in something smarter like a New Jersey Italian-style hot dog pizza stuffed with really good natural casing dogs and topped with peppers, onions and potatoes. Or the even more over-the top stuff Pizza Hut does in Korea and Japan with mini-hot-dog crusts you can pull off and dip into sauces. Those look really good!!

Remember the Korean 'Royal Crust' Pizza?! No? Well, check it out here:

If any UK Slice'rs out there try the new stuffed-crust, you'll have to report back. I have to admit a perverse interest in at least knowing what one of these pies would taste like. Would anyone else try 'em?