Poll: When Do You Like Basil Added?


Pizza vox populi.

A Margherita from Motorino in NYC&mdash-basil added pre-firing. [Photograph: Adam Kuban]

The red, white, and green of the pizza Margherita looks just like a slice of Italy's flag. But despite the trio's simplicity, nothing is so black and white (er, red, white, and green) as it seems. Pizzaphiles can dissect each and every component, analyzing the best composition, form, and flavor of the sauce, cheese, dough, and, yes, even the basil.

When and how the basil gets added is a matter of taste. Some prefer the fresh, green leaves to be applied once the pie is out of the oven, while others find that the heat helps better integrate and transform the basil's flavor. And if added before it goes in the oven, should it go on last or placed protectively between the sauce and the cheese?

This poll isn't just about Margheritas, but any pizza where basil is included. When do you like the basil added?