UPN's Anthony Mangieri on His Early Days, and Pizza Perfection


Anthony Mangieri at Una Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco. [Photo: Food GPS]

From a really great interview with Una Pizza Napoletana's Anthony Mangieri from a couple weeks back over on Food GPS:

...Back then in New Jersey, I had my own business, and I had no employees, so I did everything. I waited tables, I answered the phone, I made pizza. It was funny because a lot of people in this small town where it was, especially in the winter, when there was no tourist season since we were near the beach, they got used to this weird way we did things. It actually got to where you would bring your dishes to the kitchen when you were done eating. I'm not kidding. And the drinks were in the refrigerator. People were like, "I'm going to get a Coke." It was beautiful, and a lot of those people became friends of mine, and some of those people came out here the first week that we opened, from all those years ago, from New York City, to here, they were like, "We're coming out for the opening."

Also: "And I would say, seriously, there are pretty close to perfect pizzas, a few a night, on a good night." [via @pizzakover]