Daily Slice: Fox Pizza Bus, Los Angeles

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[Photographs: Kelly Bone]

The double decker Fox Pizza Bus has roamed Los Angeles since 2010. The converted bus is outfitted with a Forno Bravo wood burning oven and staffed by Chef Mike Fox and event planner Jordan Hieshetter. With their eye on the catering business, it has taken me a while to finally track down the big red monster.

At a recent gallery event, the bold bus appeared. It's even bigger than I expected and I totally forgot to take pictures of it. Fortunately the gallery, Taylor De Cordoba, posted these gorgeous shots of the event.


Closely tied into the farmer's market, Fox Pizza Bus' short menu highlights local ingredients. The Ricotta, Roasted Onion, Pistachio, Arugula and Orange Vinaigrette ($11) immediately caught my attention. The pie looks lovely, a thin but substantial crust cradling delicate toppings. Unfortunately, the char spotted crust proves rather benign. It has a good medium hole structure, but with little flavor beyond white flour and salt.

What really works are the toppings. A rich base of mozzarella and ricotta, laced with sweet roasted onions and baby arugula, make a great white pie. But when littered with smoky pistachios, juicy slivers of orange, and finished with citrus vinaigrette, it's transformed into a subtle play of delicate contrasts that almost made me forget the crust... almost.

Fox Pizza Bus

323-334-0309; foxpizzabus.com