Daily Slice: Veggie Pie from Corropolese Bakery in Norristown, PA

Daily Slice

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Daily Slice gives a quick snapshot each weekday of a different slice or pie that the folks at the Serious Eats empire have enjoyed lately.


[Photographs: Hawk Krall]

While Corropolese is best known for their sweet sauce, thick crust Norristown / Philadelphia-style tomato pie, like many of these bakeries they serve square, cold pies in all sorts of configurations, and room temp white pizza is something I've really grown to love from these types of places.


Corropolese veggie pie is one of the best—brightly topped with sliced tomatoes, broccoli, garlic, and mozzarella. The crust doesn't get sauce-logged and doughy like a heavily sauced tomato pie, but has enough oil to keep it from being bland or dry. Like their tomato pies, the veggie isn't baked long enough to really caramelize anything, so the vegetables stay fresh and the crust soft with a slight chew. Another one that I definitely prefer right out of the box instead of warmed up in the oven.

Corropolese Bakery

2014 Old Arch Rd # 2, Norristown, PA (map) 610-275-6664 ; corropolesebakery.com