Pizza Week on 'Eater'


The website "Eater" had custom boxes printed for its Pizza Week "pizzabombing" stunt.

Over on restaurant-news site Eater it's Pizza Week. To which we say, Pizza Week? All of the weeks on Slice are pizza week!

But seriously, it's been fun so far today watching the posts roll in across the Eater city sites. Their national site came out of the gate with a provocative "15 Hottest Pizzerias in the U.S." post, which has the expected "YOU DIDN'T INCLUDE XYZ!?! FOR SHAME" angry comments And there's a post about the most iconic pizza scenes in film.

But perhaps my favorite so far is their "pizzabombing" stunt, in which they're delivering free pizzas to celebrities, noted internetters, and food websites as part of a viral campaign. Cute and smart. And the custom-printed pizza boxes are a deft touch.

It'll be interesting to watch what those crazy cats come up with in the next several days.