Top This: Siciliana (à la Amorina)

Top This

Learn how to work a new topping onto your pies.

Amorina, a neighborhood Italian joint in Brooklyn's Prospect Heights, has been turning out creative pizzas long before Vanderbilt Avenue was lined with artisanal ice cream parlors and swank cocktail dens. We made a trip to this OG (original gangster) Prospect Heights pizza spot to check out the Siciliana pie (inspired by the traditional Sicilian salad), on which the sweet acidity of orange segments marries with caramelized onions and fennel, to great effect. Throw some creamy ricotta, briny kalamata olives, and punchy mint on there like the boys at Amorina do, and you've got yourself one make-at-home-worthy pie.


Amorina owner Albano Ballerini with pizzaiolo Aaron Unger.

What You'll Need (for one pizza)

  • 1 dough portion (Watch this video to learn how to make Neapolitan style dough)
  • Fresh ricotta (the folks at Amorina get theirs from Lioni Latticini)
  • Onion, sliced
  • Fennel, sliced lengthwise
  • Orange segments
  • Kalamata olives, halved and seeded
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper

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