Daily Slice: Purple Pig from The Rolling Stonebaker, Beverly Shores, IN

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[Photographs: Daniel Zemans]

Kids today have all the luck. The only things I remember having to eat on day trips to the Indiana Dunes were crappy sandwiches and, typically, a mouthful of sand courtesy of overly confident attempts to run down Mt. Baldy. Today, thanks to the owners of what are surely the only two Studebakers in the country that have been transformed into mobile wood-burning pizza ovens, there are some high quality pies to be had in this corner of Northwest Indiana courtesy of The Rolling Stonebaker.


The signature pie is The Purple Pig ($9), which features juicy hunks of slow-roasted pork shoulder cooked overnight in the residual heat from the previous day's pizza cook. Also topping this pie are provolone and mozzarella, barbecue sauce, and cole slaw that gets some extra tanginess from a generous pour of balsamic vinegar.


The crust is a 10-inch flatbread, made daily by a local bakery, that gets finished off in the oven until the charred outer edge of the crust is nearly crunchy, while the rest of the crust achieves a nice crisp and chewy balance.


In addition to the 8 pizzas on the menu, the husband and wife team of Andrea Georgion and Jim Chaddock constantly come up with specials based on available ingredients. Recently, that's meant a pie with morels that Jim forages and later this summer they'll top pizzas with the heirloom tomatoes they grow themselves. But like the locations of the 1949 and 1952 Studebakers, the specials change often so check the website and Twitter feed to keep track.

The Rolling Stonebaker, Inc.

Parking Lot in front of the Shore General Store on corner of W. Dunes Highway and Broadway, Beverly Shores, IN 46301 (map) and various other locations (see website); 219-246-0068; rollingstonebaker.com