Garlic Bread + Pizza = Pizza Hut's Brain Child


[Image: Pizza Hut Facebook]

No one said this baby was a genius, but here is the newest addition to the Pizza Hut menu. The product was announced on the company's Facebook page with the attached comment, "Amazing has arrived! Garlic Bread Pizza - hot melted cheese and pizza toppings on thick buttery garlic bread. Why didn't we think of this before?!?"

And here's what they look like...


Each order comes with 9 "slices" of garlic bread topped with cheese and one topping of your choice for $8.99. The whole thing feels pretty gimmicky. I'm no math whiz, but by my calculations garlic bread with cheese and some peppers or sausage doesn't add up to pizza. Bruschetta, maybe... Hell, even bruschetta's got some tomato. This is just some gussied up Texas toast.