PBS Video: Pizza Delivery Track Lighting


[Image: PBS America Revealed]

The above image represents the movements of a Domino's delivery guy in NYC as tracked by a gps system attached to his bike. The patterns of his movements make a remarkable image, but represent just the final piece in the larger network of the whole Domino's machine. First in the four part PBS series America Revealed, the "Food Machine" explores the networks that make America's food system work through the use of stunning arial photos, gps tracking, and computer animation. Starting with the man on the street that can produce all those blue squiggles, the matrix extends to the larger arteries of the pizza delivery system—the Domino's factories (like this one that Adam visited) —and beyond.

The series first aired in the US in April, but with the promotion of tonight's UK premiere, there's lots of renewed internet interest in the show. If you didn't catch it the first time around, it's posted online here.