Pizza Snacks: Miaow Miaow Pizza


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

How old is too old for a frozen pizza roll? Adam may love them, but the jury's still out in the general population. And while it's deciding, I'll opt for a slightly less juvenile solution to my artificial pizza cravings—Miaow Miaow Pizza Snacks. It's a strangely addicting pizza chip that's lighter and airier than most American snacks.


Like the flavor engineered Nacho Cheese Doritos, this Asian salty snack nails its seasoning mix perfectly. Dusted on top of puffed corn-potato squares that somewhat resemble shrimp chips in texture, the seasoning, featuring a healthy dose of onion powder and MSG, approximates the flavor of a Totino's Pizza Roll quite well. This is particularly good news for children of the nineties who may be embarrassed by nuking up a dozen rolls during work hours.

Those who have enjoyed Pizza Pringles will also recognize the hints of tomato and pepperoni in the seasoning mix, which graces the ingredient list with a gloriously ambiguous "pizza seasoning powder as permitted flavouring substance." The chip's texture, however, is more pleasant than that of a Pringle, resembling a sort of soft pizza pork rind.

Be warned, I found myself snacking on these crisps almost subconsciously throughout the day and will almost certainly be picking up more at an Asian grocery before the day's out (we found these at Hong Kong Supermarket in NYC). Pizza and salty snack lovers alike would be missing out if they did not give these Miaow Miaow Pizza crisps a try.