Poll: Is Stuffed Crust Ever Legit?


Pizza vox populi.

Adam's homemade stuffed crust pizza. [Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Stuffed crust pizza gets a bad rap, but divided into its parts—bread and cheese—why, it's easy to get on board with that. And we all love pizza, so why would we hate on cheese-stuffed bread attached to our slice? Is it because chains do most of the peddling; that we feel fatter just reading the words "stuffed-crust"; or, that the prospect of eating the crust first is so reprehensible that any pizza promoting that tendency must be shunned?

Pizza Hut has had stuffed crust on its menu since the mid 90s, so there are clearly some fans out there. But just because chains dominate the stuffed crust scene doesn't mean we must equate stuffed crust with inferior pizza. We've seen some fancy pants ricotta stuffed pizza here on Slice. And, in his Home Slice column, Adam has even worked out the basics for making it at home, and it looks pretty damn good! So, what do you think? Is stuffed crust ever legit?