Video: Pizza Delivery Robots

The team of engineers on the Discovery Channel's program Prototype This tackled the task of building a pizza delivery robot for the city streets of San Francisco. This show first aired in December, but after running a post on pizza vending machines last week, I got curious about what other automated pizza-related innovations are out there.


The delivery system comes complete with a warming box for the pies and a credit card validation system that ensures only the person that ordered the pizza can retrieve it from the robot. In the four block trial run with the prototype, aptly named "Luigi", the team attempts to throw in some real life obstacles that a delivery guys encounter in an average route. The obstacles are pretty basic, but [spoiler alert!] Luigi passes with flying colors. Honestly, this robot would have a lot more to contend with in real life, but tt's kinda crazy to think that we could share the sidewalks with delivery bots.