10 Incredible Mobile Pizza Operations

Running a successful food truck with limited refrigeration, climate control, and space is a feat in itself. Now imagine introducing an 800 degree fire-breathing oven into the equation. That's what the best mobile pizza operations around the country have managed to do, and to do well. The ways in which pizza makers have tackled these challenges are not only incredibly varied, but incredibly impressive.

Form repurposing a 1949 REO Speedwagon to transforming a simple trailer into a steel-encased mortar oven than can survive the potholes of New York City, or modifying a transatlantic shipping container into a museum-worthy roving pizzeria with a 5000 pound oven, serious pizza makers are able to take their skills to the road. And because pizza is such a democratic food, there's a poetry to being able to bring great pizza making into more public spaces, parks, and outdoor markets. After all, pizza has a long history as a street food.

Here are ten incredible mobile pizza operations that not only demonstrate ingenuity and creativity in their designs, but turn out great pies that we can get behind. What else would you add to our list?

The List

  1. Wy'East Pizza
  2. Pizza Moto
  3. Del Popolo
  4. Nomad Pizza Co.
  5. Lombardi Pizza Co.
  6. Roberta's
  7. Fox Pizza Bus
  8. Bola Pizza
  9. Casey's Pizza Truck
  10. Pitruco
  11. The Pizza Pilgrims

—intel from Adam Kuban, Meredith Smith, Carey Jones, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, Erin Zimmer, David Kover, Hawk Krall, Caroline Russock, Kelly Bone